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mary and Elizabeth 1

Mary and Elizabeth

Pregnancies today may not be as miraculous as Mary’s and Elizabeth’s; however, all pregnancies are gifts from God.  In this beautiful sketch, the virgin Mary goes to visit Elizabeth and they proclaim the joy of their pregnancy through a musical duet.

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Resolutions Anonymous

Several people have come to the special New Year’s Eve Resolutions Anonymous meeting for counseling and to discuss their failed (and outrageous) resolutions from last year. The Therapist shares some important principles to help them overcome their anxieties and make better resolutions for the coming...

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He’s Coming Again

During the Christmas season the world celebrates the birth of Jesus…the first coming of Christ. But one day, Jesus will come again into the world. This reader’s theater script contrasts the differences between the first coming of Jesus and his promised return.

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may god bless you all ... I have been learning a lot to go with jesus

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