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Funeral for Sin

When a member of the Williams’ family accepts Christ, they hold a family funeral to acknowledge and celebrate the death of the person’s old sinful life. Tyler (a teen boy) recently accepted Christ; now his mother is preparing his obituary for his Sin Funeral. Tyler thinks this is a crazy family tradition...

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God introduces Himself to us as “Creator” (Gen. 1:1). He then makes us in His likeness (Gen. 1:26). There is therefore, in every person a creative ability. Terry Stanley is among a growing number ...

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Terry’s Corner

Welcome to the new Gospelscripts.com! I want to make my new website available to everyone as soon as possible; even though some of the content is not fully loaded…I’m working on it. Now Gospelscripts.com is more personal and interactive than ever before. Here are a few new additions and features...

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