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Readers Theater scripts minister God's Word through dramatic readings of one or more characters.  This is a great way to perform drama with minimal rehearsal time and without the stress of memorization.

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 Advent Reading                                             

During the season of Advent, Christians celebrate the coming of the Christ.  This is not just a time to commemorate Jesusí first coming, but a time of preparation for His second coming.  This is a powerful presentation to promote the true spirit of the Advent season in our heart and its relevance to our life.



 Resurrection Power                                             

Sin, Death, and the Grave believe they have finally defeated Jesus as He is being crucified.  However, they are devastated and defeated when He rises from the grave.





So many of us take Time for granted.  This Readers Theater piece examines the origin of time, its characteristics, its value, and the purpose for which God has given us the gift of time. 




 Mary Go Round                                            

Woman of today, like Mary, the mother of Jesus, are called to serve, called to endure, and called to be faithful.  In this Readers Theater presentation, we encounter three modern day Marys, at age 20, 40, and 80, in their quest to be faithful women of God.



 He's Coming Again                                                  

During the Christmas season the world celebrates the birth of Jesus...the first coming of Christ. But one day Jesus will come again into the world.  This Readers Theater script contrasts the differences between the first coming of Jesus and His promised return.




 A Valentine for Jesus                                                  

Love relationships, particularly marriage relationships, are accentuated on Valentines Day.  However, the most important love relationship is between Christ and the body of believers (the church).  This Readers Theater presentation shares a Valentine wish to the bridegroom of the church, Jesus Christ. 




 Road to Emmaus                                             

The two men encounter Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  One man gives the biblical account of the tragic event that occurred during the Passover Feast, while the other man gives a modern day account of the tragedy that is occurring in his life today.  In both instances, Jesusí response, the eternal Word of God, satisfies our past, present, and future problems.



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