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  • Mark Patz

    Sloan Hill Church
    Pennsylvania/United States

    on 12-14-2014 9:20 PM

    Just received your email with attached advent reading THANK YOU this will fill in our advent celebration from the past weeks and will empower others to be part of Worship and enable them to Glorify God. I truly believ that the gospel is three fold in following the example of Jesus in that we are to meet peoples physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I encourage you to keep writing as your gift is helping the body of Christ to complete our Co Mission

  • Brad Sumner

    Jericho Ridge Community Church
    British Columbia/Canada

    on 09-04-2014 8:37 PM

    We were looking for a series of readings that was multi-voiced, Scripture rooted and family friendly, a tough combination to be sure. But Gospel Scripts provided us with a well-priced and well crafted product for Advent that helped launch our gatherings in the right way. Terry combines a sense of reflection, anticipation and celebration that was the prefect mix for our usage.


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