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  • To Whom Much Is Given – A Year in Review

    I always feel convicted by the scripture (Luke 12:48b CEB)  “…Much will be demanded from everyone who has been given much, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, even more will be asked”.  As I reflect on[...]

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  • Drama Ministry – So What Do I Do Next?

    I sure many of you feel like I do now.   I’m trying to determine how to move my drama ministry forward.  What should we do?  I’ve been leading the ministry for many years.  I’m not only the writer, but I’m[...]

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  • The Ministry of Writing

    I have been writing gospel scripts for over 30 years. I’ve written more plays or short sketches than I can remember. Occasional my friends remind me of a sketch or play that I wrote and performed years and years ago,[...]

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  • Casting: Audition vs. Assigning roles in a Church Drama

    When I started the Drama Ministry at the Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, I took the traditional approach of auditioning church members for the roles in the church play. I posted an announcement in the church bulletin, scheduled the[...]

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  • The Ministry of Directing a Christian Play

    There have been many books written on the “art” of directing, but what about the “ministry” of directing.  Ministering through drama is more than performing a play, sketch, or monologue.  Every aspect of the drama production; writing, directing, casting, rehearsals,[...]

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  • You Too Can Do Christian Drama!

    Have you ever thought about starting a drama ministry in your church? What should you do first? How do you get it off the ground? There is a difference between doing a play and establishing an on-going ministry. Here are[...]

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  • How Does Drama Fit in Your Church?

    Where does your drama ministry fit within the organizational structure of your church?  Are drama used as a tool for ministry or just an entertainment opportunity?  As drama becomes more visible and accepted as a ministry, its position in the[...]

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  • Drama Ministry Challenges

    If your drama ministry is like most others, you started out with great expectations, participation, and performances, then something happened…things started to slow down, people stopped participating, and stress and frustration began to appear. Here are some of the reasons[...]

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