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  • Drama Ministry – So What Do I Do Next?

    I sure many of you feel like I do now.   I’m trying to determine how to move my drama ministry forward.  What should we do?  I’ve been leading the ministry for many years.  I’m not only the writer, but I’m also the producer, director, and sometimes star of the play or sketch.  Since 2007, our drama ministry performs every 4th Sunday at the Calvary Baptist Church.  We may occasionally miss a month, but we try to meet this schedule.   This year (2015) we switched to every other month, allowing our dance ministry to perform on alternating 4th Sundays.   Even with the reduction in performances, I still struggle with what to do.

    I try to mix things up.  I may do a dramatic reading one month, and then I will do a comedy sketch the next.  Occasionally, I’ll hear a song that I can visualize in a sketch.   Once I used CeCe Winans’ song “A Little More”.   The presentation started with one character (stage right) receiving a phone call informing her of the sudden death of her father.  She flops down in the chair and begins to grieve.  The second character (stage left) receives a call from her doctor with the results of her biopsy.  He tells her, “she has cancer.”  She hangs up the phone feeling helpless and hopeless.  The prelude of the song begins and each character sings a verse of this moving duet.    If you have never heard this song, it speaks of needing to draw closer to God in the darkest times of our life.

    I think a variety of artistic ministry presentations is good.  I’m planning to do a presentation called Eternity Cards next month during our church picnic.   I purchased Eternity Cards at a Creative Arts Conference many years ago.  It was written (and copyrighted) by Bret Luallen from Afton OK.   A deck of playing cards is used to present the gospel.   As each card is displayed, a biblical event is explained.   It’s a fun, comical, yet clear way to share the gospel and plan of salvation to your audience.

    So, I’m always looking for a new way to dramatically minister God’s word to the saved and unsaved.  I sit in front of my computer, thinking and praying and pondering and wondering what to write and what to do.   I guess we all go through the creative ups and downs.    I used to put pressure on myself.  But over the years I’ve come to realize that God just wants me to make myself available.   Stop watching TV or surfing the internet or deciding it’s time call someone on the phone.   Instead, just dedicate some time to sit, meditate, and listen to Him.   My best time to do this is early in the morning, generally between 5:30 and 6:30 before other family members wake up and the noise of footsteps and bathroom showers begin.   Early in the morning, when all I hear (in the summertime) are birds chirping or warm raindrops hitting the window pane.   That’s the quality time I spend with God.    Eventually, God will give me my next idea.   It doesn’t always come right away, but when it comes, it’s really good!

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