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One-Man Gospel Show!

Today, ministry leaders are seeking creative ways to present the gospel to a multi-generational congregation.  God’s Word never changes, but our methods of communicating His Word may evolve.   We are living in a visual age where “seeing” is becoming as important as “hearing”.

A gospel stage play combines our sense of hearing the Word with our sense of seeing the Word in action to create a memorable ministry experience.

In 2017, I will debut my One-Man Gospel Show, The Orientation.

“The Orientation is an inspiring and humorous play about the moment new souls arrive in Heaven.  Join the assembly of newly deceased saints as they attend a mandatory New Souls Orientation Session.  Several people from the Bible (The Apostle Paul, Adam, Noah, Moses, and Dismas-The Thief from the Cross) have come to welcome these new souls and share their biblical story about how God impacted their life on earth.”

The Orientation (a one hour play) is a creative way to minister to your congregation during a worship service, annual day, anniversary, dinner theater, special event, retreat, or conference.   The Orientation is entertaining, captivating, funny, but most importantly the play ministers the message of the gospel; that Jesus is our Savior who died for our sin; through whom we can receive eternal life.

I am excited to share this ministry opportunity with you.  If you would like more information about the show or to book a performance at your church, go to www.TerryStanleyDrama.com.

Terry Stanley

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