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Drama Ministry is Alive and Well!

I believe more churches are looking for new ways to minister to the congregation they serve.   With church membership declining in many communities, people are searching for a better understanding of how the word of God relates to their lives.   What better way to augment the preached word than to do a message-based drama presentation.  There are several reasons why gospel drama is an effective ministry tool to have at your disposal.

It’s entertaining – There’s power in the preached word, but it’s also good to add a little variety and humor to your ministry offerings.   A little laughter is good for the soul.

It’s non-threatening – Watching characters address their flaw is less threatening that having someone preach about our flaws.

It’s easy to remember – It’s easier for the audience to remember a ministry message presented visually (drama or video) than just listening to a ministry message.

It engages more members – Drama ministry provides an opportunity for other members to use their gifts and talents to minister God’s word.

It’s an excellent evangelism tool – It’s easier to get unsaved people to watch a drama presentation than to listen to a sermon.


Let this year be the year that you add drama ministry to your church ministry offering.
Your friend and brother in Christ,



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