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  • subong Ao naga

    may god bless you all ... I have been learning a lot to go with jesus

    Nagaland / India

  • Brenda Ratliff

    Drama is a great way to engage the audience and teach them the Word of God. The scripts that I have used written by Terry Stanley are very creative, amusing and evocative. As I was reading through the Christmas Court TV and Two Thieves at Christmas, I could not stop laughing. We are planning to perform both of those this year and are very excited about it. Thanks for such good material. I usually write my own skits and plays for the church programs mainly because there is not much out there (or has not been in the past). However, I have been unable to write very much because I was sick last year. Your skits and play have provided me with QUALITY material. Keep up the good work of spreading the gospel through drama.

    Texas / United States

  • Pastor Stephen J Russell Jr.

    Drama as a Ministry has the capability of reaching the masses in ways that have never been experienced. I have witnessed firsthand how God has used Terry to craft and cast productions to evangelize and encourage people from all walks of life. I know without a doubt that this ministry will bless your life, like it has blessed the people of Calvary!

    Calvary Baptist Church of Baltimore
    Maryland / United States

  • Pastor Haywood Robinson

    God introduces Himself to us as “Creator” (Gen. 1:1). He then makes us in His likeness (Gen. 1:26). There is therefore, in every person a creative ability. Terry Stanley is among a growing number of believers in whom this creative genius is resident, relevant, and revealing. As a playwright, Terry has penned and produced productions that have made the human plight so clear that a favorable response to the Gospel is the only reasonable course of action for an unbelieving observer to take. Likewise, his presentations causes the believer to examine his own beliefs and behaviors and their impact on the church of Jesus Christ as well as the world we were saved to impact for Him.

    The People's Community Baptist Church
    Maryland / USA

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