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  • The Ministry of Directing a Christian Play

    There have been many books written on the “art” of directing, but what about the “ministry” of directing.  Ministering through drama is more than performing a play, sketch, or monologue.  Every aspect of the drama production; writing, directing, casting, rehearsals, etc., must be carried out under the control of the Holy Spirit.  Is it possible to perform a gospel drama and have conflict between the director and the cast?  Fortunately, yes, but that is not God’s desire.  God desires unity (1 Corinthians 1:10).

    The ministry of the director is to create a great production under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with love and patience.  Did I say “patience”?  Aren’t the terms “directing” and “patience” mutually exclusion?  Many directors believe so, but God is ever patient even with people who will not listen (2 Peter 3:9), therefore we must be also.   Drama ministry is one of few ministries that appeal to many non-participatory church members (the pew warmers).  These are the members who sit Sunday after Sunday quietly in the congregation. Their first introduction into ministry service may be through drama.   Therefore, you are not just serving as the director but also as a ministry leader, (a representative of Jesus, the Pastor, and the church).  Your attitude is as important as your action.  There will be times when no one shows up for rehearsals, except you.  There will be times when no one knows their lines, especially the main characters.  There will be times when they miss their cue to enter because they’re talking back stage (or in the hallway of the church).  How will you react and respond?  These are the times when we must move from the art of directing to the ministry of directing.  Of course the drama coordinator or director must address these types of issues, but it must be corrected with love and patience…not anger.

    And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kindly to everyone, an apt teacher, patient”  2 Timothy 2:24 NRS

    Once you embark on this journey, into theatrical ministry, there will be disappointments, rehearsal no-shows, latecomers, dropouts, bad acting, and back-seat directors.  However, there will also be spirits uplifted, hearts comforted, and souls convicted.  When all is said and done, God is in control.  All of the challenges we encounter are for our growth so that we might endure all with love and patience to the glory of God.

    Happy Directing!


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